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 Add A PDF Printer

In Episode 2 of the podcast, we mentioned that Linux provides the ability to create (print) PDF files directly from almost any application, but not from within Firefox! Open the same web page in Konqueror, for example, and -- no problem. That was true in 2007 when we recorded that episode. In today's Linux, you simply choose the "Print to File" option in the Print dialog box, and select the PDF option.

Print To File Dialog Box

The balance of this document still applies if you are using an older version of your Linux distribution. With older distributions, in order to be able to create PDF files from within any application that can print, there is an add-on package you will need to instal. From within your package manager, search for and install the package "cups-pdf."


Print from Firefox under KDE without installing anything else

In Episode 8 of the podcast, Mike P. mentioned that once you have the cups-pdf package installed, printing to a PDF from Firefox is unbelievably easy.

Here is his suggestion:
  1. When you have a page you want to print displayed in Firefox, select on FilePrint
  2. In the printer selection combo box, choose Postscript from the list of available or installed printers. 
  3. Click the Properties button, then clear the command box and type in kprinter
  4. Click on OK, then on Print and the print job will be passed on to the KDE printer where the option for PDF creation is there by default if you have cups-pdf installed.
Mike continues: From now on, whenever you choose Postscript from the Firefox printer dialogue, the kprinter option will be remembered. This will call up the kde printer dialogue and you can choose Print to PDF (file) or whatever else is available.

Add the CUPS-PDF virtual printer in KDE (Kubuntu 6.10):
As an alternative, you can create a virtual printer that allows you to "print" PDF files. Here is how to add the printer to KDE once cups-pdf is installed. (Linux Neophyte has an excellent post on how to add it under Gnome.)
  1. From the K-menu select System Settings.
  2. Choose Printers.
  3. Click on Add and choose Add Printer/Class.
  4. Click Next, select Other printer type and click Next.
  5. Choose Virtual Printer [PDF Printer] from the list and click Next.
  6. Select Generic as the Manufacturer.
  7. Select Postscript Printer as the Model and click Next.
  8. Continue to click Next until you are prompted to give the printer a name, and name whatever you would like. I named mine "CUPS-PDF."
  9. Click Next then Finish and your new printer is ready for use.
  10. The PDF files you create with Ubuntu and Kubuntu will be located in the directory ~/PDF. (That's the PDF sub-directory in your home folder.)
    Add a Virtual Printer CUPS-PDF
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