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Setup and Use Remote Desktop

In Episode 114, Tom and Larry discuss how to setup Remote Desktop on Ubuntu Linux. It works the same way on most other distributions.

Making the connections
Finding instructions for setting up Remote Desktop is easy. Here is a link to the best instructions we've found. How to configure Remote Desktop To Your Ubuntu Desktop. We won't cover that here. What we will cover is something that is more difficult to find. We have provided the step-by-step instructions, below, for how to connect to another computer using the Remote Desktop Viewer (gnome instructions).
   1. Open Remote Desktop Viewer (Accessories > Internet > Remote Desktop Viewer)
   2. Click the Connect button
   3. Enter the IP address of the remote computer in the Host field
   4. Click the Connect button in the lower right of the dialog box
Remote Desktop Viewer settings

Bypass a router
If there is a router between the remote computer (the one being controlled or viewed) and the Internet, you will need to use port forwarding on the router to get the connection to work. Port forwarding allows you to connect to the IP address of the router (provided by the ISP) and have that connection passed through the router, to the IP address of the computer on the local network. The port you want to forward is 5900. How you do that will vary from router to router. These two screen shots from two different routers may give you an idea of how you setup port forwarding on your router. Please note that using Remote Desktop across the Internet is EXTREMELY insecure. You password us completely unencrypted, so your transmission could easily be intercepted and the remote computer could easily attacked and taken over! You would be much better off using FreeNX or an alternative method if you want to do this routinely.
Port forwarding Belkin router
Port forwarding Linksys router

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