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Lock Your Computer Quickly

Updated: 11-Jul-2016

Using either Windows or Linux, you can quickly and easily lock your computer workstation if you want to secure it when you step away. It's just a keystroke or two away in most cases.

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Press Win + L.

Linux (MATE, Cinnamon, Gnome)

Press Super + L.*

Linux (KDE)

Select the K Menu, and choose "Lock Session".

To unlock your computer you will need to enter your logon password.

*Note: If you have upgraded your Windows computer to use Linux, the "Super" key is the "Windows" key. If you have upgraded your Mac computer to use Linux, the "Super" key is the "Command" key. If you have a computer pre-installed with Linux, like one from System76, ZaReason, Entroware, etc. then the "Super" key is likely to have a "Tux" logo or an "Ubuntu" on it.

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