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Make The Linux Mouse Work Like It Does In Windows (or Mac OSX)

Updated: 28-Jun-2016

If you are switching from Windows or OSX to Linux, you may be irritated by the fact that with some versions of Linux, the mouse behaves differently. By default, when you first install Windows, the mouse (cursor) requires a double-click to open an application, and a single-click to open a link in a web browser. Although the mouse, under the Linux Gnome, MATE and Cinnamon desktops behaves the same way as it does in Windows, when using the KDE desktop, by default, a single-click is used for everything.

Two-finger scrolling with a touchpad works the same in Linux as in Windows, but it's upside down from the way it works in OSX.

In the interest of easing your transition to Linux, here is how you change the mouse-click and scrolling behavior so that it works the way you expect. Each Linux distribution can have a slightly different menu selection, but these three examples will guide you in the right direction.

Ubuntu-MATE Linux 16.04

Linux Mint MATE or Cinnamon 17.3

openSuSE 10.1

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